3 of my favourite things: Spain, Photography & travel with friends

This June I get to do three of my favourites things all at once: photography, with friends in Bilbao, Spain.  Iñaki Hernandez a Bilbao born, now Limerick resident for 20 years, and critically acclaimed architectural photographer, is organising a workshop for 5 days in his home town.  For some time I've been considering a visit to Bilbao and when this opportunity to not only get to Bilbao but to go with friends to do photography, I just couldn't let it pass.  From my previous posts you will know I love Spain, and I love to travel and do photography with like-minded people.  I am very familiar with southern Spain but I am looking forward to seeing a completely different part of Spain, and to see what it has to offer from the point of view of the sights, the people, the food, the architecture and the culture.  It promises to be great craic! Roll on June!