Nikon D300s HD Video

I have a Nikon D300 and I was thinking of getting a HD camcorder (see previous blog) so I was wondering would I be better getting a D300s that does HD video and the convenience of just having one camera or would I get the Panasonic TM700. A friend has the D300s so I got a loan of this to try it out. Although the video is quite good I feel there are a number of problems using a DSLR as a Camcorder so I decided to go for the TM700 which I've ordered and for which I am waiting.

One of the problems I noticed with the  D300s (apart from not being able to edit in Adobe Premiere PRO CS4) is that the mike picks up the sound of the VR lens as it makes it adjustments but what I would do in future is turn off the VR.  The attached is some of the video I took while experimenting.