Hanoi - Revisited

The Railway Hanoi

The Railway Hanoi

We stayed in the La Siesta Spa Hotel in the heart of the Old Quarter. I love the Old Quarter, the French Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake.  I think I could spends days or weeks just wandering around the streets taking it all in and taking photos.

It has a great buzz, it’s chaotic, it’s friendly, it’s mad and it’s fun. You need your wits about you to walk the streets, with bikes, cars and scooters coming at you from every angle.

I first came to Vietnam about 7 years ago while volunteering with the Irish Haemophilia Society and I can see some changes, more cars and better infrastructure and some more prosperity. But the people I met on that first trip are still as friendly and helpful as ever. They are very kind and giving of their time and friendship to invite us out to lunch and dinner and even into their homes. It is quite touching to meet people who are so friendly and caring, they certainly made our trip to Hanoi so enjoyable.

Highlights from Hanoi:

  • Meeting with old friends
  • Visiting the Long Bien railway bridge and the railway tracks
  • Minh Binh Jazz Club
  • Sharon loved her massage.
  • Our lovely hotel La Siesta Ma Mai street
  • Wandering the streets of the Old & French Quarters and taking it all in.

Well bye for now Hanoi and bye Vietnam, perhaps some day we will make it back again.

And now some photos.