Volcanic Troubles

This week I should be blogging about our great trip to the Amalfi coast and Sorrento but instead we are stuck here at home. Three weeks ago Sharon and her tennis buddies were scheduled to go to Marbella for a long weekend but she too missed out due to the whims of the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland and the wind and weather blowing the erupting ash in our direction.

So us lads have rescheduled our trip to the Amalfi to next September and decided on a consolation few days in Marbella at the end of May. The  cost of the flights in September were more expensive but since we were able to change our booking at no extra cost we saved a few euro.  Sharon heads off to Marbella next week, volcano and weather permitting. Hopefully the weather will be good as it's been a pretty abismal winter and spring so far in Spain.