South America Day 12 - Iguazu Falls

Today we leave Argentina and our tour of Iguazu continues on the Brazilian side of the Falls. Weather wise our luck has changed its very wet and when we are half way round the heavens open. The plastic ponchos save most of us but our legs and feet are soaked. But as Valerie our guide in BA pointed out we are in a sub tropical rain forest and we can expect a little rain now and again. The views from here are further away from the falls but give a more panoramic view. From here we can see all the walks we took on the Argentine side and a great view of the Falls. Our guide here, Philipe, says that on the Argentinian side you are part of the Falls but from the Brazilian side you can see the panorama and immense power of the Falls and he is right. We get to the little airport in Iguazu Foz (the Brazilian side) early and change our trousers and socks and wait for our flight to Rio and hopefully much better weather we wait in anticipation!!

As we come to land in Rio the sun is setting over the city, it is beautiful and oh the lovely heat here. Luis our guide here we can already tell is going to be excellent. He is fun and very knowledgable and gives us some tips and information on the city. We book into our hotel on Copacabana beach and after a quick clean up we head around the block to a Lebanese restaurant where we have a mountain of great food. No late night drinks tonight as we are up for 8 am. Luis suggests the early start to avoid the queues for our first trip to Christ the Redeemer statute, as it's the winter break here too. A really great start to our first day in Rio!

See the photos here: Iguazu Falls Photos