Sarnelli House revisited 2017


Last year, in October 2016, was the first time Sharon and I visited our friends Kate and Brian in Sarnelli House orphanage. The orphanage does fantastic work looking after over 150 children of all ages and many with HIV. You can read more here about the great work that they do and my previous post. Sarnelli House is located in northern Thailand in Nong Khai not far from the Mekong river that divides it from nearby Laos. This year we decided to visit Sarnelli House and then continue on for a holiday in Vietnam.

We were really looking forward to seeing Brian and Kate, meeting Fr Shea, the staff and the children/teenagers. However, this year we had the added anticipation of meeting the two children we sponsor.

It is the end of the school holidays and when we arrive they are having a sports day in the community hall. We sneak in the front door and watch the antics and activities. Looking around to see if I can see the child I sponsor. I catch a glimpse of her down the hall sitting on the floor and chatting with her friends. She looks up and sees me. She jumps up, races down the hall, and gives me a huge hug. One of the greatest feelings you can ever get!

We have to thank Brian & Kate who looked after us so well, and Fr Shea who made us feel so welcome.