Malahide Camera Club

Another summer is over, the children are going back to school and clubs of all sorts are starting up again, and Malahide Camera Club is no exception.  We start off on Thursday night the 2nd September at 8.00pm in the Grand Hotel Malahide.  We have places open for anyone who would like to join.  The challenge for any committee is to come up with a programme that keeps the interest and enthusiasm of members from year to year.  Last year was a very successful year and that keeps the pressure on us to maintain the momentum and keep the club moving forward.  The aim of the club is to promote photography through enjoyment, to advance our skills and techniques and to educate and develop our creative potential.

So with this in mind the programme of the club includes events and activities to do just this, but the emphasis is definitely on enjoyment and a good social atmosphere.  So the following is a list of the things we do:

  • Learner lessons in photography
  • Practicals on how to use your camera
  • Guest speakers who show us and talk about their work
  • Monthly competitions and external competitions.
  • Outings to take photographs
  • A weekend away based around photography
  • Social events
  • And this year a full programme of Photoshop courses using the facilities of the local school.

As you can see we are taking the challenge seriously and hope to move the club forward another few steps.