Cuba, here we come!

In August 2009 a number of friends from the local camera club headed off to South Africa, Kruger National Park and Capetown. We had a fantastic time there and you can see my blogs about the trip on this site, here. While there we decided our next trip would be to Cuba. All but 1 of that gang, plus an extra two who have joined us, are now heading off in the next couple of days.

We will be spending most of our time in Havana but a couple of days in Trinidad de Cuba. While planning this we met with some members of Drogheda Camera Club who had done the trip previously and they gave us some very valuable advice and contact names in Havana.

I belive it is a great time of year, hot but not too hot hopefully sunny and not much rain. Plus we avoid the rainy season.  I'm hoping to get some great phots and video and to see this great country which is locked in a time warp but which I expect will change over the coming years.  The people, although not wealthy, are supposed to be very friendly.  We fly with Air France via Paris on Friday and I can' wait!