Cuba day 5

This morning up early and getting ready for the long trip to Trindad de Cuba, we are all really looking forward to this.  Ramses and Keith head off to pick up the rental minibus which just about fits us all with our gear. It's a good long trip from Havana to Trinidad de Cuba and the roads are not the best, even the main motorways have massive pot holes!  Along the way we decide on a stop over for lunch in Cienfuegos which is a great contrast to Havana as it is kept meticulously clean and well maintained, it makes us all think why Havana cant be mmaintained in the same way.

After anothe couple of hours we arrive in Trinidad and a little confrontation between the minibus and the narrow gateway into the parking lot of our base accommodation we arrive safely and keen to get out and explore.  Trinidad is also a very different world locked in a time warp with cobbled streets and humble houses and is a UNESCO Heritage site. We have decided to stay in paradores rather than in an hotel. These are like bed and breakfasts at home. You stay with a family in their home. We have three houses between us spread around the village.

The lodgings are very basic yet comfortable. In fact we feel like we are intruding on the family as we have the best rooms and the owners sleep in the main room next to to front door. In fact when we come in at mid night we open up and have to pass the sleeping owners. But I would highly recommend it as a way to see and meet the local people.

We have a really great meal and plan the next day.