Cuba day 7

Lynn, Brendan and I decide to get up early at 7.30 and head around the village with Ramses and some of the others to get some good shots before breakfast. The sun is a bit harsh but we manage to get some good portraits. The locals are very amenable and friendly although having Ramses with us is a great help.

Today is our last day in Trinidad and we decide to take a long way home through the mountains to a waterfall along the the way. So we head off early after breakfast about 10.30.

It's a long wind drive through the mountains and the roads are very poor which makes the journey more difficult. Ramses stops along the way at a few sights. In particular at a farm where we are introduced to the owners and can take photos. The journey to the falls takes us a good three hours. We stop here for lunch and head to the falls for photos.

It's just after midnight when we arrive at the hotel and 2am before I head to bed after we have a few night caps. The others stay up to 4am!