Orlando - Florida

The girls insisted it was time to go back to Orlando. "But dad I was only 7 the last time I was there and I couldn't go on any of the rides and it's sooo long ago I can't remember".  I tried saying "well here look at the videos, that will remind you!".  They also said "We won't go back to Spain if you don't bring us", so in the end we relented and now the five of us are heading off in two weeks, Aislinn is going to Croatia with her own friends for a holiday.  We only hope that now this Icelandic Volcanic ash doesn't cause us any problems! The good thing is that friends will be there at the same time so we will meet up with them and that will make a great trip of it.  But it's all that shopping as well!  I'm sure we'll have a great time and in fact I'm looking forward now to it, the theme parks, the weather, the meals, some good craic and even a bit of shopping will be fun.