Epson Signature Art Paper

I gave up using gloss paper a long time ago and have since used luster and satin papers as I much preferred the finish.  I hadn't tried any matt papers mainly because my Epson 3800 uses up so much ink in switching between the phto black and matt black I wasn't inclined to try any of them.  But for the last club competition I found some Epson Signature sample paper pack that I bought at a recent photo exhibition, but had completely forgotten about and decided to give it a go.  Sheldon had warned me that once you start using matte papers you get hooked on them, and he was right.  For a start you can clearly see the image no matter what angle you look at it, there is no reflection or play of light on the paper.  The colours look richer, deeper and really draw you into the image.  The only draw back is that the paper marks easier and can detract.  But I believe you can spray them to protect the image.  If I was hanging a picture this is the type of paper I would use, though I wonder about puttnig it behind glass as that will bring back the reflection.  I would like to try canvas next to see what that is like.

Here are a few videos from product evangelists.

Vincent Versace Discusses Epson Cold Press Natural Paper from Epson America on Vimeo.

Vincent Versace discusses Epson's Signature Worthy Cold Press Natural being by far the best cotton based textured paper he has ever printed on.

David Lynch Discusses Epson Hot Press Natural Paper from Epson America on Vimeo.

Photographer David Lynch talks about Epson's Signature Worthy Hot Press Natural - the incredible feel of the paper and the "dream" images it creates.

Matthew Jordan Smith Discusses Epson Cold Press Bright Paper from Epson America on Vimeo.

Matthew Jordan Smith talks about the amazing tones and texture of Epson's Signature Worthy Cold Press Bright paper.