Time Lapse experiment

For a while now I've been interested in trying some Timelapse photos, though they're probably really videos.  Anyway yesterday I found a piece of software called LRTimelapse which works in conjunction with Lightroom t o create timelapses, see LRTimelapse.  I copied it down and had a look at some of the tutorials.  So this morning I decided to get up early and try some shots around the Estuary at sunrise.  It was very cold but a fantastic sunrise, see some of the shots below.  Of course I had to jump in and try one of the hardest things to do a timelapse of, the sunrise or sunset.  The problem is the steadily rising exposure of sunrise causes problems getting the exposure right throughout the timelapse particularly when using manual settings.  If you use automatic settings you get a flickering effect as the exposure of each shot can be minutely different to the previous one. I gave it a shot anyway, 8 seconds between each shot, using the interval shooting option on the camera.  The next problem is the size of the CF Card.  It takes 30 shots to give just 1 second of video, so you have to shoot a lot of shots to get just 10 seconds of video (300 to be exact).  If you shoot in RAW thats a lot of data that fills up your card quickly.  If you shoot in JPEG you can't manipluate the exposure etc. in post processing as well.  So a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  On the plus side this morning it was a great sunrise.

Here is the basic unedited version, as you can see the exposure brightens a lot, need to work on sorting this out, but I like the look of it.

Here are a couple of images from the sunrise.



All comments welcome!