In a few months it will be a year since I set up my web-site using Wordpress and I must say it's a pleasure to use.   When I decided to set up a web-site I was worried Iwould have to spend too much time and effort setting it up and maintaining it, but It has not turned out that way at all.  Ok in the start you have to spend a bit of time deciding what your site is going to look like but Worpress and the many different themes available really make this very easy.  you don't need to know any code or how to manage databases or anything.  I probably spent more time looking for a theme I liked and then configruing it to have the look and feel I wanted.  And thats all it was configuration.  After that it's a dawdle to write posts, create gallerys, upload images and get access to my videos.

A great boost was the iPhone app of Wordpress this meant I would write my blogs on the road so at the end of the day on the taxi, car or train home to the hotel I could write my blog of what happened that day.  I could even upload photos I took on my iPhone.  Once written all I needed was a WiFi connection in my hootel or a cafe to upload my updates.  this meant everything was written when it was fresh in my head and family and friends could follow what was happening while we were away.  This worked great this year when in Argentina and Brazil, I worte the updates and the following morning everyone could follow what we had done.  In fact at one hotel we had no WiFi and I got emails asking what was wrong and when would the next update be!  Of course Skype was also brilliant for contacting home and saying hi to all the kids.

So overall I must say my experience with Wordpress has been very positive and I would highly recommend it.