Bloom 2012

Bloom is Ireland's largest gardening, food and family event.  This is the 6th year for this event which is held in the Phoenix Park Dublin over 5 days of the June bank holiday.  It is very well organised with plenty to do for all ages.  It has gardens, playgrounds, shops, restaurants, live entertainment and lots of things to do and to keep one entertained. Last year there were over 90,000 people who attended, this year was our first year and we went with our good friends Noelle and Clive.  I got a few nice photographs and here they are:

Camera Club Outing to Dublin City

Last night the club had an outing to Dublin City, and it was a beautiful evening.  A good turn out of about 20 people.  Myself Alison and Tony headed around the Grand Canal Theatre and the Liffey.  I enjoyed the photography and the company immensely and the couple of drinks in the ELY Bar at Grand Canal.  Great to be able to sit out on the open air and enjoy a few drinks.  Of course, time ran by very fast and we had a very quick dash for the train home which we nearly missed altogether, in fact they were locking up and the train was on the platform as we ran up the escalator. Any way here are a few shots from the night any feedback appreciated.

Michael Bublé

I've loved the sound and songs of Michael Bublé since he was first discovered on this side of the Atlantic by Michael Parkinson and I bought his first CD. He is probably the only singer my wife and 4 daughters all agree on and he is continually played in the house or car. I'm not a great concert goer, in fact I can't remember the last concert I went to, that I paid for anyway. We saw Niall Diamond as a corporate outing in Croke Park. None the less I was willing to make an exception for Buble but we were on holidays for his last trip to Dublin and heard rave views from friends who had gone. So when we heard he was here in September we decided the whole family would go.

He is the first artist to perform in the new Aviva Stadium and what a great venue. The setting, stage, lighting and especially Michael Bublé was brilliant. He is not just a great dinger but a great performer and does am excellent show. He charming, chatty, witty and doesn't take himself too seriously. As Sharon says there is nothing worse than an artist who just gets up there and sings their songs without saying a word. Michael engages and entertains the crowd. Surprisingly this is the largest audience, 45,000, that he has performed in front of, he has regularly played to crowds of 25,000, but this he was relishing. He broke the ice with some very funny and entertaining stories and performed a very good mimic of Michael Jackson as part of the show.

Half way through the performance he walked through the crowd singing all the way as he was thronged by adoring fans to a second stage that was set up on the sound equipment half way down the pitch that wasn't immediately obvious to us. The crowd just loved him and he had us all like putty in his hand, a real entertainer and even I, a concert skeptic, would be happy to attend when he comes back again. Well done Michael!

The best photos I could get with my iPhone!