Last Christmas Sharon bought me a great surprise an Apple iTouch and it's been a great tool. But carrying around a mobile and an itouch is a bit of a hassle. I have the Nokia E71 which is a great little phone but the iPhone sounded like a much better idea.  My phone,  music, audio books, videos, photos, email and web browser all in one neat package. However it meant having to discontinue with my current provider 3 which I feel provide the best packages.

So I did my research and looked at what Vodafone and O2 were providing and decided to head over to the 3 store to tell them I was disappointed to have to leave them to get an iPhone. But what a bit of luck I did. The guy said hold on and ring 3 customer service as I might be lucky. So I did and, indeed, I was offered a new 32gb iPhone at cheaper prices than the other providers. I got an increased discount on my package, double minutes and texts for six months, 1gb or data download and one month free line rental. I got the phone cheaper than the others were offering it for and my calls are costing me on average 6c as opposed to 22c with the others.  So here I am blogging on my new iPhone.  3 are only offering iPhones to existing customers as upgrades but I believe they will have them in store from the summer on.  I think the phones come from Italy where 3 also issue iPhones.  Hopefully this will shake up the market a bit.

I have a feeling though the battery power is going to be a problem as I use email and WiFi extensively on my iPhone. I also have the Bluetooth on all the time for use in the car. I was concerned that the Phone may not work too well with my built in Bluetooth in my car but so far no problems. But I think I may get the iPhone adapter in my new car so I can keep it charged.

But, so far, a great phone with a really good interface but I look forward to the new OS 4 which will give extra functionality like multitasking, hopefully without further deteriorating the battery life.