South America Day 5

We rise early today as it's the day for the accompanying persons tour of BA. K has a spare ticket so I decide to track along with Sharon (thanks Ursula!).  However some of us are feeling a bit delicate (those after dinner shots are to be avoided!).

I haven't mentioned much about our hotel, it's a small boutique hotel in Palmero which is a leafy residential area of BA.  There are only about 12 rooms and the staff are extremely nice and helpful.  The rooms are a nice size and well decorated and looked after well.  There is a small lounge area and breakfast area where we get well fed to start the day off.

Today is much colder so fortunately we are in a closed couch for the tour which keeps us warm.  We are brought again to Recoletta and the cemetery, but this time we have a guide.  We stop at Mayo Square where the guide explains the importance of the Square and then we head to La Boca.  We first see the stadium of La Boca Juniors which is a famous soccer football ground.  La Boca is one of the poorest areas of BA, the original houses were for the poor imigrants who made their homes from materials that came from the ships, typically corregated iron and were painted with the paints that were available on the ships which meant they were painted in bright colours and they have maintained the tradition.  One block is maintained as an open air museum which we walked around and it was truly amazing and the best place we've seen so far.

Next off to a famous Tango club where we have lunch and them home again.  We have a little time for a siesta before heading off to tonight's cultural event at the congress.  It will be interesting to see what that is, no more ballet I hope!