South America Day 5a

Hi girls I hope you are all doing well, we are having a great time here its great to have friends with us here but its bloody cold its the middle of their winter. The guy in the hotel says it might snow on friday and the last time it snowed here was 2007 and 1910 just our luck. But we are still enjoying it. Next week it will be much hotter in Rio.

Bye for now love you all DADxxx

Hi girls, having a great time and of course missing all my georgeous daughters. Have ur photos with me to remember u. We are heading out now to do a little shopping I hope. We saw where Eva Peron (Evita) buried, amazing all these huge statues and mauseliums. I am very cold I should have brought my gloves and hat. may buy one today. Eimear I am glad u are having such a good holiday and u Roisin, wouldn't want u to waste ur credit txtin me u little u any way.

Eimear, tks for all the txts, hope ur credit lasts. I am getting all ur txts but somethimes if i am in a restaurant I don't check my phone also no need to send to both me and dad as that cost you twice.

Ais and Sinead hope ur feeding yourselves properly and hope all is well at home. Love u all. mam x x x x