South America Day 7

Today is another quiet day, it's the last day at the congress and the closing Gala dinner is tonight in the Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires and we will all be dickied up and it should be a good night. So today we might just head down to the main tourist street Florida and have a look around there. Pat, Ger and Kieran are taking a bus tour around the city and we will see them later. The next two days should be intersting, tomorrow we go for a whole day trip to Colonia in Uruguay which is supposed to be lovely. Then on Friday we do a river trip up the Tigre delta and that night we head off to a Tango show. On Saturday we fly to Iguazu Falls where it should be warmer and I believe the views of the falls are spectacular so that should be a good two days. So we may as well take it easy today as we have a hectic four or five days coming up.

Off to the closing ball in the Sheraton