South America Day 6

The cultural evening last night was very good. Plenty of food, drink and an excellent show of traditional Argentinian dance including Tango but also dances from around the rest of the country. I must say it was very enjoyable. Afterwards we headed off to a local cafe for a few drinks and a couple of nibbles we couldn't face another steak. Well not until tonight anyway! So we were back home early enough and had a bit of a lie on this morning.

Today we have decided to have a look around our own locality here in Palermo but it's bloody cold again the guy here in the hotel tells us it might snow on Friday!! Just our luck it's only snowed twice here 2007 and 1910 and we had to be here for the third!

Anyway Sharon got some shopping done and bought herself a new leather jacket and great prices.  We then walked around and had a look at the area which is very nice.  Not much else happened today except we went out for a meal in another local restaurant which was very nice though lacked a bit of atmosphere.