Amalfi Coast Trip

Massimo our driver from Sorrento Silver Star Car Services, arrived just after 10.15 am to take us on tour of the Amalfi Coast. Firstly I would like to say that everyone from the car service: Luisa, Lucia and Massimo were tremendous looking after us. We began by getting an excellent view over Sorrento from the road above. The drive along the coast is along a winding and in places very narrow road way. The day was also helped by the fact that the weather was brilliant, about 28c and sunshine all the way. Massimo stopped along the roadside at all the best viewpoints so we could take our photographs and video.

Positano was our first stop a beautiful town that slopes down the mountain side right down to the beach. After some photos from the road to get a panoramic view we headed down to the very busy little town. The narrow bustling streets lined with shops, boutiques, bars and cafes lead down to the stoney beach with boats and sun-worshippers. Our hour flew and we headed next to Amalfi, Massimo's home town.

Along the way we had a short stop at the Emerald Grotto. An elevator takes you down to sea level where you then get in a small boat inside the cave dripping with stalactites. At one corner a beautiful blue/green light shines into the cave below the crystal clear water. This is a natural phenonamon caused by a breach in the cave wall below the water line that let's the sunlight shine into the cave.

Amalfi is another lovely Coastal town but flatter and not as hard to walk around. We get an hour to explore and have a quick bite. Definitely a town I would consider basing myself if we come back here again with the family.

Revello is our last stop about another 5km along. However, this is not a Coastal town but high up overlooking the coast. Again a winding narrow road is masterfully negotiated by Massimo and we are all delighted we are not driving.

We spend another delightful hour exploring this town although some parts of the town required you to take some steep walks to fully appreciate it and at the end of the day this was beyond us, so we finished it off with a cup of coffee and tea in the lovely town square.

It's coming up to 6pm and we've had another great day and Massimo brings us home. It takes an hour for us to get to the hotel. Hiring a car and driver is a great way to see the coast you take it at your own time and see the places you want to see, and we can recommend and ask for Luisa.

Some more of the photographs are here.

Views from Positano

The Piazza in Revello