No trips today so we get to explore our base city here on the Amalfi which is Sorrento. We are staying in the Hotel del Mare which is situated next to a sleepy harbour called Marina Grande. It's right at the outermost point of the city squeezed in between a cliff-face and the sea shore. Where we are is a nice, quiet and sleepy part of town which is not overrun with tourists and the locals are very friendly. We have a lazing morning planning to explore the centre of town and watch the Liverpool and Man Utd match at 2.30pm. It's a long uphill and winding walk and only one of us is up for that so the remaining three get the local bus which needs to be small in order to get around around some of the corners here.

We spend the day wandering up the main streets looking at the highlights, like the cathedral and do a little window shopping. K sees a small little shop where they make and sell music boxes and the workmanship is fantastic.

We plan to have a quick lunch and sit down in the square to watch the match when we discover that the match isn't until tomorrow, damn. We get a little lunch and a huge ice-cream and meringue before heading back.

Some more of the photographs are here.