Cuba day 9

The group decides to break up to do different things. A few are interested in going to the beach for the afternoon and seeing the rum museum in the morning and having a look around the port area. The others want to walk along the Malecon and some of the streets to get some photographs. I'm with the walking group and we head off early enough and we have a very interesting day.

Along the Malecon there are dotted groups of teenagers who gladly pose for us and a guy playing the trumpet. We head in a street or two off the Malecon where the house are in very poor repair but offer very good photo opportunities. In more than one case we are invited into peoples homes. We take up one invite. The insides are very small and also in bad repair. The owners are nice but we feel like we are imposing and head off again.

After a cup of coffee we head to the Rum Museum and get a sandwich nearby. After that we head in towards Plaza Vieja again. This time a barber invites us in to photograph him as he works.

Overall a good day photographing and tonight we will go to a restaurant with our friend Ramses.