Cuba Day 10

Our last full day and it's a Sunday, and it's a very easy going day. Lynn and myself take a walk along the Malecon to see if we can get any more photos. We are all really preparing ourselves for the long trip home, but Ramses has a real treat for us and in many ways turns out to be the highlight if the trip. He rings me to say that he has managed to get us a meeting with Liborio Noval in his house. We are to meet him on the corner of his street at 6pm.

Liborio is a very fit, lean and tall, and witty 77 year old who like all Cubans loves a cigar and strong coffee. He speaks little or now English and Ramses acts as our interpreter. Liboriao is also a famous photographer in Cuba in particular and worked for an advertising agency in the 50's, and during the 60's for the journal Revolucion the review INRA and the journal Granma. In the 60's he had taken photographs of Che Guevara and spoke and work with him for from 1961. From 1990 to 2001 he was the accompanying photographer of Fidel Castro during his trips. Liborio was a true gentleman and told us many fascinating stories from his life and career.  He should us portfolios of some of his work, and his house was covered with many of his brilliant images.  He was very gracious to sign copies of his book that some of us took and also to allow us to take his photograph in his house with the group.  I was very sorry I hadn't brought my camera.  We spent over two hours which just flew by but we were just so excited it was truly amazing, and something I will never forget.